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You don’t have to be big to be a GIANT AND you don’t have to be a kid to go to CAMP.

How to celebrate the reckless


It is a very intimate weekend of music, connection, and fun with MAGIC GIANT!


Wait, what is magic giant?

MAGIC GIANT is a group of three amigos who make music together. Check them out here.


How many shows will Magic giant PLay?

MAGIC GIANT will put on at least 5 unique performances


Will magic giant be involved in the Other activities?

Yes, one or all of its members will lead the majority of activities. They will also eat all of the meals with everyone, and be hanging out with everyone the rest of the time.



No, Camp Misfits is 18+.



Price of admission depends on the lodging package you choose and the date of purchase. Prices will rise as Camp approaches. Payment plans available. Check out our ticketing page for current pricing.


How many Campers are you expecting will be there?

We are limiting Camp to roughly 200 people again this year to keep it intimate 



You can come with friends, fly solo, or jump into the Magic Misfits Facebook page to find your squad. This is a safe place and all are welcome.



Camp Misfits is located in Mendocino County in Northern California.



Tickets include lodging, food, beverages, and all activities. There will be gourmet chef onsite cooking our homemade meals. See more in Food & Beverage below.


Can I choose my roommate?

Upon purchasing a package, you can choose your gender and roommate preferences and we will try our best to accommodate.


Do you need to bring sheets/pillows/towels? Or will that be provided?

Bedding is provided. Please bring your own towels!


Will cabins be gender specific?

This will all be based on your preferences.


When is Camp Misfits check-in / check-out?

Check-in hours are Thursday, September 26th 1-8pm. Farewells are 9-11am Sunday, September 29th.
The fun begins at 5:30pm on Thursday, September 26th.


i can't get off of work thursday but I still want to come. Is that COol?

We encourage everyone to come for the entire camp, but if you have an obligation, let us know and we'll make arrangements to get you checked in when you arrive, or checked out if you need to leave early.


Will there be any full-on dance party MAGIC GIANT shows?

Heck yes!


How about more intimate performances?

Absolutely — from an acoustic set and a campfire sing-along to
live music yoga and a musical hike


How Many activities will we be Able to attend?

You will have as full or as relaxing a weekend as you choose. You will get to build your own schedule, festival style.


Wait, there are counselors? Who are they?

We're gathering our friends to elevate the Camp experience, from musicians to comedians to writers. We’ll announce them as Camp approaches.


Hey, I just got called for jury duty... can I get a refund?

All tickets are non-refundable.

What's this Payment plan all about?

You can choose to pay in monthly installments for any package. Payment plans are available until July 23rd, 2019. Click here to choose this option.

Should I wait to book so i can apply for a scholarship?

You can, however Camp may sell out or your preferred package may sell out as there is limited space. We also ask that you save the scholarships for those who truly couldn’t attend otherwise.


How do I get to camp?

The nearest airports are SFO in San Francisco (2.5 hrs), SMF in Sacramento (3 hrs), and STS in Santa Rosa (1.5 hrs). Please refer to the Driving Instructions on the Destination page.


What's the parking situation?

Parking will be available and is included in the ticket price! We encourage you to carpool and coordinate through the Magic Misfits Facebook page.


Can I bring my own tent or RV?

No. All campers will be in official, cozy camp accommodations.


The back of my car is super comfy! Can I sleep in there?

No can do. Everyone must purchase an official Camp Misfits Package.


I’m trying to quit but might need to smoke during Camp. Will smoking be allowed?

There will be designated smoking areas.


can i bring my ADORABLE LITTLE pOOCH?

Unfortunately there are no pets/animals allowed. There's plenty of wildlife at camp so for the safety of the forest and your pets, they must stay home. :(


Are you guys feeding me or do I need to bring my own Top Ramen?

Camp Misfits is an all-inclusive event! We’ll serve 3 delicious meals each day, plus snacks/beverages to fill the gaps.


Is Zambricki's cousin cooking or are you BRINGING in a chef EXTRAORDINAIRE?

Chef Mitchell Mount will be preparing and overseeing all meals at Camp again this year. He has an illustrious thirty-year career with a focus on wood-fire cooking, scratch baking, and farm-to-table cuisine. Part of the original team at world-famous Tra Vigne in Napa Valley, Lead baker at La Brea Bakery in Los Angeles, and Executive Chef at Mendocino County's Saucy, as well as Stone & Embers, Chef Mitch takes pride in sourcing local product and creating bold and vibrant flavors, with a focus on wood-fire cooking and farm-to-table cuisine.


Will adult beverages be available at Camp Misfits?

Yes, there will some included each night for our 21+ campers (ID required).


I have a food allergy... Oh, and I’m also a vegan. What do I do?

Upon purchase, you fill out a form where you can specify any nutritional/dietary needs and we will try our best to accommodate.


Can we drink the water?

All of the water from faucets at Camp Misfits is potable. We also provide a filtered fountain and bottle filling stations outside of the café. We encourage you to bring refillable water bottles.


Will there be aN infirmary on Camp Misfits?

Yes, we will have an infirmary on site, but no medical staff.


Is there WiFi or cell reception?

There is no cell phone reception at Camp. We have a landline on the property that can be used in case of emergency. There will be open WiFi available for 2 hours each morning but most of the time, please enjoy the opportunity to unplug!


I’ve been sending my mom photos of Camp and now my phone is dying! Where can I charge my phone?

There is electricity available in the cabin packages and main lodge.


What’s the weather gonna be like?

We’re expecting clear skies with a high of 75°F during the day and a low of 50°F at night. Perfect for swimming during the day and snuggling by the campfire at night. We moved camp three weeks earlier than last year so expect slightly warmer temps overall.


What's the bathroom situation?

There are shared bathrooms and outdoor showers as well as outhouses along the property.


Where can I get Camp Misfits gear beforehand?

You can head to the Camp Misfits Store (under development... check back soon).


Can I bring a drone, a pet, sparklers, or fireworks?



I’m in a wheelchair. Can I still go to Camp?

Yes! Camp Misfits is fully accessible. Please check through the Packages for accessibility options.


Are there ADA Restrooms?

There is an ADA bathroom in the main hall. The main shower house has an ADA toilet stall in both the men’s and women’s rooms and an ADA shower in the women’s room.


Is My Service ANIMAL Allowed to camp with me?

Service animals must be official legal/medical papered service dogs; this does not include emotional support animals, therapy animals, or companion animals. Pets are not allowed and will be turned away. Only legitimate service animals that are properly trained and under the proper care of their owners are allowed at camp.

Need more info? Get in touch here.